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The Career Passport Podcast

What if there is no such thing as a dream job? What if, instead of chasing that elusive Career Holy Grail, we figure out what makes us tick and what we need for our work and career? And from there we can design a career (and life) that fulfills us, but the world also doesn’t come crashing down if we need to pivot or make a change. Sound liberating?

“The Career Passport Podcast: Advice & Resources for 30-Something Women” is a weekly show that provides fresh perspective, special guests and resources you can use as you navigate your career….and how it relates to your whole and full life.

May 30, 2017

What if I told you that there is one thing that we all have access to – every single one of us- that can help us take the workday and own it, rather than leave the day haggard, exhausted and with a giant headache?  Something that will put a little pep in our step, and over time, make even the stickiest work situations float on by? And for those of us in non ideal work environments (toxic, boring or not aligned with what we want to be doing), something that helps us not just quit and run out of the building like our hair’s on fire? 


Oh, and it’s free. 


No, I’m not talking about that crate of Tito’s Handmade Vodka that’s left over from your wedding or that crate of Jose someone brought to your Cinco De Mayo party.  


I’m talking about mindfulness and the tools that accompany it.  


Before you roll your eyes or think this isn’t for you, bear with me. We’re talking with bestselling author and mindfulness teacher Emily Bennington today about how to stop being led around by your emotions all day and instead come from a place of calm and easy. 


What I love about Emily is the way she breaks down mindfulness into digestible chunks so that anyone, even the new-to-the-game lady can pick up some tools and start to practice. Mindfulness is a truly accessible thing with accessible tools, but if it’s not talked about in an accessible way, it can be hard to really grasp and follow, amirite? 


Emily makes all of that irrelevant. We sat down and talked about how mindfulness intersects with work including some of the following tidbits (and she’s generously given us access to a free tool to get started with the basic building blocks!) 


  • A lot of people think their careerping pongs around, but instead, use mindfulness to think about your career as a series of breadcrumbs that lead you to the next breadcrumb….and use that approach in your professional narrative 
  • The effects of alack of mindfulness in the workforce on career progression: Where we go wrong isn’t wild insubordination. It’s what Seth Godin calls “1000 little cuts.” It’s the way you made a situation that wasn’t contentious contentious or the way you responded to an email…and over time that damages your rep Every single interaction you have is an opportunity to stand for who you choose to be in that moment, and it matters for that raise or promotion or new opportunity.  
  • How do we stop getting run by our days and instead come from a place of mindfulness so we run the day?
  • How are we relating to other peopleand how can we use that as a starting point? 
  • What should we do when things are feeling untenable or toxic? What tools are at our disposal?  



Show Timings (Times are approximate) 

1:42 Emily Bennington Introduction 

5:20  What happens when you don’t have or use the mindfulness tools?  

10:35 What mindfulness tools would you recommend to get started? 

13:50 “Positive” traits that manifest in unhelpful ways at work and how it relates to mindfulness 

16:00 Triggers For when you have the opportunity to practice mindfulness 

18:05 Special tools for mindfulness in generally toxic environments  

23:35 Mindfulness while emailing (yes, seriously! Email is challenging!) 

27:35 Attaching self worth to your job and where mindfulness comes into play 

31:05 Case Study of someone who incorporated these tools with success 

35:20 Being versus doing VERSUS being WHILE doing 

37:05 Jill’s personal lessons in mindfulness 

38:32 Decision making during overwhelm 



Resources Mentioned In the Show: 


-Intro guide from Emily 

-You can reach Emily Bennington at 

-Her Twitter 

-Her Facebook 

-Book: Miracles at Work