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The Career Passport Podcast

What if there is no such thing as a dream job? What if, instead of chasing that elusive Career Holy Grail, we figure out what makes us tick and what we need for our work and career? And from there we can design a career (and life) that fulfills us, but the world also doesn’t come crashing down if we need to pivot or make a change. Sound liberating?

“The Career Passport Podcast: Advice & Resources for 30-Something Women” is a weekly show that provides fresh perspective, special guests and resources you can use as you navigate your career….and how it relates to your whole and full life.

May 22, 2017

A couple weeks ago we talked about overcoming the (common) feeling of resistance when it comes to networking. Podcast 002 Sometimes we can be hesitant to network because we feel like we’re wading into a sea of events where there are 200 people in a sweat conference hall pressing their business card into our hands, used car salesman/woman style.  


But it don’t gotta be like that, my friend.  


I invite you to enter the world of “Finding your Tribe”, i.e. finding networking groups and “Business Besties” as our guest Emily Merrill from Six Degrees Society calls ‘em in today’s episode.  And as a special bonus, for all of you out there looking to start a side project or business, you’ll hear Emily’s story about how she toiled for years and years to perfect Six Degrees Society (hint: it’s not how it sounds- it’s actually a LOT cooler and more fun.) 

We talk about: 

  • How to try out certain events and groups to see if it’s a fit (and know what your non-negotiables are) 
  • Icebreaker conversation starters 
  • Making the most out of limited time when looking for your core network 
  • Using networking to test drive a new career or side biz project 
  • Making networking work for you 
  • Finding your core group for 9-5ers or business owners 
  • Finding your tribe while traveling for pleasure  
  • And so much more! 

  • And this week’s freebie download is a cheat sheet of different networking groups that you might not have heard of that can put you WELL on your way to finding your core networking buddies. You can grab it here 



SHOW TIMES (timings are approximate)

Emily’s Story and Path to Entrepreneurism: 3:35 

Why Networking Gets a Bad Rap: 11:45 

Tips for How to Make Networking “Work” for You: 13:20 

“Gamifying Networking “ as a Tactic: 16:20 

The “picking up new friends at the food table” tactic 18:00 

Convo Starters: 19:20 

Resources & Tactics for Building Tribes: 22:20 

Tactics for traditional office jobs: 25:50 

Pre-Work Networking Tactic 27:35 

Using networking to “get out of your career lane”: 29:45 

Six Degrees Society- vision for future and how you can take advantage! 31:20 

Resources for Other Places to Find Your Tribe 35:15 

Out of the Box Networking Stories (for your inspo!) 36.20