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The Career Passport Podcast

What if there is no such thing as a dream job? What if, instead of chasing that elusive Career Holy Grail, we figure out what makes us tick and what we need for our work and career? And from there we can design a career (and life) that fulfills us, but the world also doesn’t come crashing down if we need to pivot or make a change. Sound liberating?

“The Career Passport Podcast: Advice & Resources for 30-Something Women” is a weekly show that provides fresh perspective, special guests and resources you can use as you navigate your career….and how it relates to your whole and full life.

Apr 21, 2017

The Career Passport Podcast is HERE!!!! Here’s the basic premise of the podcast – I actually don’t believe it’s necessary to have a dream job. In some cases, it’s just not possible at the moment or with the circumstances. And that’s ok. I know, it sounds crazy, given the messages we get all the live long day to ‘have it all’ and ‘build your dream life.’ Heck, I used to run workshops called “Snag Your Dream Job….and Life in the Process!”. NOPE. It’s ok to just LIKE your job so you can pour your LOVE into the rest of your life…and who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving your job in the process. THAT, my friend, is my jam. Takes some of the pressure off, doesn’t it? We’re all running around all the time trying to make everything “just so”…what if we didn’t have to??


We have some good stuff happening with regular series including:

  1. Day in the Life Series: One of the biggest worries out there when it comes to career transition is “What if I do all this, and then I hate the job? I don’t actually know what it’s like!” SO, I’m interviewing people who do specific jobs to get SUPER granular on what they do all day, so you can see what it’s actually like to do the job
  2. Holistic Help: I’m all about how all the areas of our life connect in very deep ways, so I’m interviewing people who can help you have a healthier life in mind, body, soul, finances- you name it. We’ll be talking about
  3. Career #RealTalk: I’m having guest talk about networking and personal narrative and sometimes I’ll be on air by myself giving you tools and tips on a specific career related topic. Think blog but…podcast. Each episode has a tool you can use to incorporate the lessons of the episode so you can build upon what you already know!
  4. Reader Questions: I’m answering listener questions live on the air so email to submit one!


Ok, so now let’s get to the first episode. Let’s face it: career change or pivoting your current career is not always easy, and there can be many rough spots throughout the transition. “What if no one responds to me?”, “Work is so busy; I don’t have time for this!” and many other thoughts, feelings and emotions pop up during this time, and oftentimes, they can stagnate even the most motivated among us.


SO: How exactly do we keep our career change moving when life gets in the way? In this episode, I break down the three things you need and how to go out and get ‘em: a clear head, a calm work environment and a plan.




Show Notes [Times are Approximate]:


About the Podcast:  [:40]

Show Outline- Loading up your toolkit for your career change: [2:45]

Mindfulness: [4:18]

Mindfulness: Benefits: [5:11]

Mindfulness: Studies: [6:20]

Ideas & Resources to get your started with Meditation:[9:41]

OWW Brain vs WOW Brain-[10:29]

Creating a Mantra That Sticks: [11:55]

Coping at Work: [13:20]

Boundary Setting: [13:30]

Rituals and Mantras [17:30]

How Do You Show Up To Work? [18:25]

Closing Out Your Day: [19:25]

Check Your Language at the Door: [20:50]

Career Change: Tactical Scheduling 4 Step Process: [22:16] (relates to downloadable tool)


Resources Mentioned In the Show:


Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

OWW Brain Vs WOW Brain- Todd Herman

Harvard Study on Meditation

Conscious and Cognition Journal Study

Evernote for organizing the end of your day

Free webinar video file download!